In the Margins

ITM CoverIn the Margins

A novel by Kerri Farrell Foley

A modern love-hate story, “In the Margins” dissects the he-said-she-said decay of a relationship. 

Allie and Liam tromp bare-footed and free through their final year as undergraduate students, immersed in a shared love of literature and carelessness. Despite their worship of words, life’s most essential phrases are never uttered, and their inability to address the subtext of themselves culminates in a sordid dance of infidelity and self-destruction.

After a decade of separation and forced forgetfulness, Allie and Liam clash once more as they attempt to rehash their history and pen their story. It is through their work that their mutual truth becomes clear; all stories need to be told, if only for the sake of finally emerging from between the lines and discovering what memories look like in print.